As of the 21st May 2019 Medipure are pleased to announce that we are UKAS accredited to the Internationally recognised standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 General requirements for the compliance of testing and calibration laboratories.


Medipure manufactures a range of technologies and consumables for a wide variety of industrial sectors and include:

Suprox Disinfectants and Antiseptics

A range of Medipure liquids provide a highly effective, but safe solution to all your sanitation needs.

Suprox Wipes

Disinfectant and sporicial wipes impregnated with Suprox liquids provide a complete reassurance to our clients infection control needs


Medipure Ltd is constantly innovating to create new technologies to meet the latest needs in the areas of infection prevention and control.

Medipure Endoscope Pre Washer

The Medipure Endoscope Pre Washer provides an automated and efficient solution to endoscope channel cleaning and flushing requirements. The system accurately and safely dispenses the recommended volumes of detergent, water, and air, for the optimum required contact times, for efficient cleaning.


A portable medical sterilization storage cabinet for medical instruments that can be wheeled to the point of use from the disinfection area and can be battery operated. Incoming filtered air undergoes Germicidal Ultra Violet sterilization and is kept at a positive pressure within the cabinet to ensure ambient air cannot ingress. Ultra violet sterilization is also employed to flush cannulated & biopsy channel instruments & to sanitize surfaces within the cabinet.

Air Monitoring

The Air and Duct Guardian range, monitor/validate airborne bacteria via accelerated settle plate and / or proprietary dip slide technology and when combined with a unique MRSA selective agar are used for sampling environments that are at risk from infection.


Other Products

In addition to infection control services and training, Medipure also provides a range of infection and contamination detection & diagnosis products including Endoscope, Bed Pan and Instrument Test Soils, Pro Clean protein test strips, Endoscope Drier Validation Boxes & Ultrasonic Test Strip Kits. These include:

Test Soils